Vegetarian Websites

If you’re a new vegetarian or are interested in becoming one, there are plenty of websites dedicated to the subject. The Vegetarian Resource Group, for example, produces a free email newsletter and practical books and lesson plans for teachers. The Vegetarian Site bills itself as a comprehensive portal for all things vegetarian, with an online store, recipes, nutrition, and environmental information. But there are also several other great sites to check out.

The Veg Space

Kate Ford, the author of The Veg Space, is a food blogger, recipe developer, and food writer with a passion for delicious, healthy vegetarian foods. Her recipes have been featured in Red and The Guardian, and her articles have been published in Cook Vegetarian, Observer Food Monthly, and Vegan Life Magazine. Here are her top tips for starting a vegan lifestyle:

The veg stage is crucial to the size and quality of your harvest. This stage also allows you to cull weaker plants before flowering, so dividing the space between three and four flower rooms is essential. One section of the veg room should be dedicated to each flowering stage. This way, you won’t have to divide the space between flowers and veg. As a rule of thumb, growers grow no more than three to four flower rooms.

The Vegan 8

The Vegan Eight is a collection of 100 delicious recipes that use whole food ingredients. This cookbook will keep you from feeling deprived of flavor with tofu or boring salads. Instead, you’ll find recipes for comfort foods, wholesome meals, and delicious desserts. The Vegan 8 also offers a podcast and a Youtube channel, both of which are useful resources for aspiring vegan cooks. In addition to 100 delicious recipes, the Vegan 8 cookbook contains more than 100 family recipes.

Laura’s website features stunning photos and thoughtful posts. With her training as a chef, Laura’s vegan recipes are packed with wholesome vegan goodies. Ashlae’s site is a favorite of foodies and travel lovers alike. The blog features a unique style of food photography, and the couple behind the site also shares their experiences traveling to exotic locations. This vegan couple has been making delicious meals together since they met in Berlin.

Jeyashri’s Kitchen

If you’re a vegetarian, you may want to visit the Jeyashri’s Kitchen vegetarian website, which has over a thousand vegetarian recipes, some of which are even international. Jeyashri’s Kitchen is run by Shalini, a food blogger and restaurant reviewer, and contains delicious recipes from all over the world, including eggless bakes. You can also find recipes for Indian curries and vegetarian kebabs from restaurants around the world.


Ruxandra Micu is a twenty-something foodie, architect, and graphic/web designer who wants to make a difference by promoting a healthier diet and incorporating healthy cooking techniques. Ruxandra aims to make vegetarian cooking easy and fun to try, as well as show the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Besides healthy recipes, Gourmandelle also provides helpful tips and tricks for a balanced diet.